Coventry is an astonishing city!   Badly hit by the blitz of 1940 - so just within living memory -  the rain of incendiary bombs destroyed the heart of the conurbation & the Cathedral.   After the war,  a huge effort of design & building went into the restoration.  In some respects, this wave of building has resulted in a 1950s time capsule,  but Coventry is not standing still,  for development is still going on to keep the centre bang up-to-date.

A major decision was not to restore the ruin of St Michael's Cathedral,  the empty shell of which standsCoventry Cathedral-Old & New now as a memorial to the martyrdom of the city.  Instead, a new building was laid out beside the old.  Still the most modern Cathedral in England,  it is radically different.  Not orientated,  due to the space not being available,  the great East window is replaced by a gigantic & moving tapestry of Christ in Majesty designed by Graham Sutherland & specially woven in France.  The Cathedral has in fact, many original art works incorporated in its structure, forming a most magnificant whole.

Oddly,  the new St.Michael's is not the second,  but the third Cathedral.  Since its construction,  the ruins of the first, once the largest in the country, have been discovered under modern buildings  - now open to the sky & an awesome sight.

The Motor MuseumThe Motor Industry of Coventry is commemorated by the magnificent new Transport Museum, itself alone worth the visit for its enormous collection of cars, vans & lorries built in the local factories.  Few vestiges of the medieval city remain,  but there are hidden gems - Cheylesmore Manor or the Swanswell gate testify to the importance of Coventry at that time.

North Warwickshire is dominated by two authors - Sir Thomas Malory, (who wrote Le Morte d'Arthur)  &George Eliot, Nuneaton George Eliot ( The Mill on the Floss, etc),  & also by Webb-Ellis, (inventor of Rugby Football) &  Rupert Brooke, the poet.

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